Sleep and Noise Sounds

White Noise, Pink Noise and Other Relaxing Melodies...

Want to relax?

Welcome to our freshly updated version of Sleep and Noise Sounds. Formerly featured on the Dr. Oz TV Show for our popular Pink Noise sound on a segment featuring how to get a great night sleep. Turn Sleep and Noise Sounds on and listen to soothing sounds such as our White Noise, Urban Ambiance, Nature park or Ocean Water!

Keep outside noises at bay and fall asleep much quicker than ever before by simply playing one of the many sleep time sounds in this app. Long gone are the days of sleeping medications or bulky sleep machines. Enjoy one of our free sounds or unlock many more.

We use the phone call state permission to pause sounds for an incoming phone call & prevent phone from sleeping to make sure that the timer works as promised. AND OF COURSE, we do NOT store any information!

As previously featured on the Doctor Oz TV show!

"In one study, 75% of the people who listened to it had a more restful sleep. "
- Dr. Oz

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